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Friday, October 13, 2017

Things Change

I had to work in a refinery today, which meant fire retardant coveralls. That means clothes that don't breathe, and are hot. With a high near 94, it wasn't pleasant.

We have another hot day; and I have much to do outside tomorrow, but it will be taking care of some personal tasks. It will be the last hot day of the year, because Sunday promises a front, which will bring high temperatures only in the seventies.

I've heard our Falls are similar to the Summers in many northern climates. I don't know, but do know why some people love Summer so much, if they are like our Fall.

The seasonal change is finally arriving. What Winter brings will only be known over the next few months. Hopefully the weather will be much less extreme as what as experienced by Harvey. Local folks need some relief, and some time to recover.


  1. It can get rather warm up in here during the summer, though we had very few days in the 90s as I recall. Still love our fall season. Thankful we didn't have to deal with any hurricanes. Still in our thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thanks. I had little to deal with, since my house didn't flood. Entire communities were lost to the flood waters, and rebuilding might be more expensive than any insurance, or FEMA, will pay to achieve.

      I've heard of some with million dollar homes walking away to rebuild elsewhere. The cost to build a home that will be above the new flood plain level, and the fact the land has little value, is enough to cut the losses, and just leave it for taxing authorities to eventually confiscate.

  2. We are going through the same unusually high temperatures here in Georgia, yesterday set records. That cold front is supposed to reach us here on Monday. I sure am waiting for it.

    1. The front is between Dallas and the coast. According to the weather wizards, I can expect the front between noon and three.

      I'm ready, although I would rather it pass through last night, so I had a beautiful day to take care of some tasks.