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Friday, October 27, 2017

So. What Do They Do?

It's obvious there are powerful people involved with the scandal associated with Fusion, and the Russian Dossier, which is now being exposed as fabricated to appear as actual intelligence. Those high up in the food chain are now very rich, powerful, and will do just about anything to prevent exposure.

What can those that know important information do, if they want to come clean, and be honest? I have no suggestion. They are targets to those that not only have many resources, those resources include professional assassins to prevent any information being exposed.

We live in dangerous, rotten times. I always hope there are those in the government that have equal resources to protect those that are vulnerable, and prosecute those so willing to harm the United States for personal gain.


  1. I guess we can hope. The track record of them getting away with crimes that we know about is quite staggering. I imagine this will be much the same. Just a speed bump on the way to Burger King and back home for some Netflix.

  2. I've been amazed by how the subterfuge, which makes Nixon look like Captain Kangaroo, is ignored by the same media that hounded Nixon for his stupid effort to protect those working for him.

    Our government is definitely rotten.