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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Things We'll Probably Never Know

After the shooting in Las Vegas, I had many things cross my mind. Unfortunately, I have a feeling many of the following things will be hidden forever.

1. The forensics of the brass, bullets, and weapons.
2. Where the $100,000 was sent, and to whom.
3. Videos recovered from the hotel, and the room.
4. Full autopsy report on the shooter.
5. Contacts, associates, and friends of the shooter.
6. A full report on police officers debriefed right after the room was secured; and what they saw.
7. Who secured the area, and their report on possible corrupted evidence.

More things will pop up as more is revealed, but this one doesn't fit in many ways. As more is known, maybe the experts can dig through what is known, and force anyone trying to hide evidence in revealing more.

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