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Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Don't Think They're Paying Attention

Someone loses their mind, shoots innocent people, and the clamor to remove firearms from U.S. citizens is all that's heard for weeks.

Meanwhile, citizens buy more guns, and firearm manufacturer become a good investment.

I don't think those that want to destroy the Second Amendment are paying attention. Not only will they never get their way, their insanity only makes those without a firearm realize they may one day have to protect their right, so they go buy a gun.

Presenting statistics, reviewing history, applying logic, and attempting to sway the opinion of anti-gun advocates is a waste of time. Those wanting to remove the right to keep, and bear, firearms don't have the ability to reason, and too many can only be described as insane.


  1. Nope. Not up for a debate. Not a topic to even engage. Kimmel is not my compass.

  2. I have some relatives, who appear as intelligent, until they start repeating the Progressive mantras. When that happens, I realize my assessment of their intelligence is unfounded.