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Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Big Unanswered Question

It's known the Clinton campaign paid for a dossier from an organization known for fabricating false narratives and ruthlessly using the information to destroy credibility and positions. That, and it's known high ranking administrative officials in the FBI colluded to influence, and take part, in an investigation founded on the fake information from the dossier. That, and released classified information, while deliberately shutting down a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.

How far were they willing to go to stop a presidency? More lies? More efforts to corrupt justice? Maybe even assassination? We may never know, but if I was Trump, I wouldn't be cordial, or restrained. I'd be after my enemies, and ruthless with my actions. Some might not call this a coup, but I have a feeling there are many involved that had that as a contingency. A less polite society would have heads on a pole. 


  1. A not so civil war.
    Strike at the king and miss: forfeit your life.

    1. Regardless of how civilized we became, that still holds true; especially when the leader is that chosen by the citizens.

  2. Hmmmmm.

    There is nothing to be gained from going after the Clintons. Put a couple of elderly degnerates in prison - and then pay for their upkeep?

    Consider: the Clintons are a chit stain on the democrats. Everyone knows Bill is a perv and Hill is incompetent and both are corrupt. They are better off out in public annoying the voters with their arrogance and immunity than in prison. Those two geezers are the face of what's wrong with the Donks and the public knows it.
    It's their minions that have to be rooted out and exterminated. Starting with the FBI, the DOJ and then cleaning house from there.

    1. In a way I agree. The cost would be tremendous, but the example would be worth the cost. The treachery, outright crimes, and continuation of illegal actions demands punishment. Considering their ill gotten wealth, after seizure, the money should pay for their prosecution.