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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Things I See

I was stopping at a convenience store, when I noticed a pickup navigating through the parking lot with something hanging underneath. I waited on the shoulder, as the truck started to pull to the gas pumps, then decided not, then decided to, and then: they started pulling onto a side street.

Since the parking lot was blocked by a grocery delivery, and the pickup was slowly wandering, I pulled onto the edge of the parking area by the shoulder. I examined the truck as I got out of my own.

The driver now decided to back up. My inspection revealed the tail pipe was dragging the ground, which would probably present a problem as they backed. I turned my head, and walked into the store..

When I left the store, a quick look revealed the driver backed the truck until the tail pipe was under the right rear tire, and that's where they stopped. A young woman opened the passenger door, appeared to be looking for something to do, and never looked at the tail pipe under the tire.

The driver was still in the truck, and didn't appear to be making any effort to see what was wrong.

I  began wondering about the events that led to what I saw. While I couldn't quite fathom why the driver wasn't trying to repair the broken tail pipe hanger, further thought only revealed my lack of understanding of why they parked on the tailpipe.

I left. I can be empathetic and helpful, but it requires some effort on the part of those that need the empathy and help. 


  1. I can almost see the furrowed brows and look of abject confusion on the driver's face. I'm guessing he works as the foreman at the local Muffler Man.

    1. Maybe so, but I'm more inclined to believe the driver, and the passenger, were one beer away from an interesting conversation with a police officer.