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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How Do They Get Away With Their Actions?

This book review is interesting. It elaborates on how some tech giants avoided laws, and did so with impunity.  The Federal Trade Commission has a brief explanation of these laws on their web site. 

I remember when AT&T was broken up, due to the monopoly it held. Competition was crushed with impunity, and the final result was an action to stop its march to complete control of the industry.

I've seen attempts of a monopoly at the local level. One supplier moved into the area of a competitor, started selling the same product below cost, and the ultimate result was losing a suit to the tune of millions.

Monopolies have a hard time existing, when consumers are aware of the players, and understand they can ultimately be forced to pay exorbitant prices due to the lack of competition. Time will tell on how these current tech giants fare a possible storm, but I have the feeling many are becoming aware of their predatory nature. Over time, the companies will either split up, or find they've lost a battle in the war of ethics.  Losing that battle can cost billions, and create a consumer unwilling to use their services.


  1. knowledge is the key to appropriate action that is why it is hard to get news or accurate news otherwise the common man would be able to put an end to much corruption

    1. If I had to describe the worst enemy to the United States, I'd say it's the main street media. They're in the bag for Socialists, and many are traitors

  2. I stop trying to figure this shit out, WHY?? I would have a stroke. Its diffidently a different world these days

    1. We've reached a new point. The largest of companies only exist because of an electronic market. Remove the willingness of enough customers, and they can disappear like turning off a light switch.