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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Leaden Skies

I  woke to leaden skies this morning. A steady light rain fell in the almost still air. What was drying ground slowly soaked the ample rain, and puddles soon appeared.

As I drank my coffee on the front porch, I noticed a lone hawk in the top of a tall tree. It's reddish color stood out against the gray sky; a warning to the numerous cardinals that soon disappeared. Before the hawk came, they numbered in the dozens; their colors brilliant against the dying grass.

We're supposed to have a cold front. According to the radar, it's soon to pass, but will be slow of clearing the coast. It will rain today, through this evening, and the skies might not clear until tomorrow night. After that, the clearing will be brief, and the damp, dreary weather of Fall will return for the remainder of the week.

This is a good day to do little to nothing. I might even sneak away for a nap. The rest is needed, and the peace of a lazy Sunday afternoon my prescription for health.

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