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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Maybe Some Five Card Draw

Sessions is gone. I think many wonder why it took so long, but the entire event could have been a well played game of poker.

From what I've seen, Trump isn't one to dilly dally about firing. Sessions was an exception, but Sessions might be his ace. Allowing him to stay, with his cooperation, could have been a good bluff, with results yet to be seen. Sessions could have been told of Trump's efforts to play good guy against bad guy, with the final result some important indictments and vindication of Sessions after the smoke clears.

I think Trump knew statistics showed the party in power to lose seats in Congress;especially the House. I think that's why he pushed hard for helping Senators, and maybe a good reason to keep Sessions. After all, a feckless House only makes the party in power look foolish, and with the Republicans in control of the Senate, the House can be made a large body of wasted salaries with the Democrats in charge. Anything that makes it to the floor will be voted against, and it's almost impossible to have a veto majority if something is vetoed by the President.

So, what's the advantage of Sessions to stay for so long? With a planned recusal, Sessions could stay in the background, and slowly collect a substantial amount of information on those using their power for sedition. Considering the evidence showing the arrogance of many in the government against Trump, those with an agenda against the President would not hide forever. Their arrogance would lead to revealing things they think they got away with.

So, what's the end game? Leverage. The Democrats are more than vulnerable, and a huge amount of criminal indictments against the seditionist bureaucrats will be a stain on the party. If some of the key politicians, and their staffs, are prosecuted, the party may find the public perception leans even further toward the Republican party.

If this is true, Trump has three aces: The Senate, the Supreme Court, and a Department of Justice wanting to clean up the mess made by the last administration. All three can accomplish huge steps toward removing the Democrats from power. Their feckless leadership in the House will only show incompetence, some members of the party may need to jump ship to prevent the end of the their career, and others may find their nefarious deeds are illegal.

Time will tell.


  1. The Dems attack Trump and Kavanaugh?
    Next election will be a sympathy vote.

    1. If the truth was known, the Democrats in Congress would lose their majority, if they were prosecuted for the crimes they committed.

  2. The democrats will not be able to help themselves in the house and will even cheat at the card game until the pit boss trumps them.

    1. I think the Democrats will be very, very quiet, when the indictments start appearing.

  3. 5 card draw is poker, I thought you where talking about vote counting. the LEFT draws 5 votes for every GOP vote.

    1. I'm sure how they'd play poker. Throw away three, draw 10, and reach for the pot, after presenting 5 aces in their hand. Most would call that cheating, and in the past, such actions would end up with a well ventilated cheater.