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Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Mistake to Avoid

I've noticed a lot of resentment towards Baby Boomers. There's anger toward the state of the United States, and this generation is looked upon as a selfish burden that needs to be abandoned, if necessary.

This isn't good, since it's the same ploy used for decades to divide the country, instead of galvanizing to solve a common problem. Universities taught this, so did many government officials. All were part of the grand plan to try the Communist experiment again on an ignorant society.

I'll warn those willing to sacrifice their elders for safety. You'll never have that safety. Those you abandon are far more resourceful than you imagine, and if forced to defend, they'll be ruthless. Their parents passed on the suffering they once faced, they suffered through illnesses you were never exposed to, and they know how to do with much less. They learned this in their younger years, since their parents cherished the things you are so willing to toss away. They know that those that created this division are also ready to take advantage of a weakened society. They'll win, and you will lose your liberty.

Regardless how we reached this point, we're all in the same boat. It doesn't matter who steers, but it needs to be in the right direction. Pointing fingers, throwing people overboard, and expecting someone else to be responsible is a waste of time. Focus needs to be on survival, self-reliance, and the knowledge a global society is not what our founders wanted. The world isn't a large, healthy community, and there are ruthless people that will enjoy your torment to relish their power.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you.

      After reading some comments in different places on the internet, I was surprised at how my generation is blamed for problems that all society shares. It's the finger pointing game, which always ends with nothing being done, and more finger pointing.

    2. There was a nasty comment at PitchPull.
      I'm ready for a Clint Eastwood moment.

    3. "get off my lawn" or "do you feel lucky, punk"?

  2. Being one of the Boomer generation, I have, am and will continue to take care of myself and those close to me. We do not expect to have anything handed to us.

    1. I think what bothers me most is the arrogant dismissing of an entire generation, but the failure to realize any mistakes of that generation are the result of things beyond their control. Instead of finding workable solutions, the knee-jerk solution is an attempt to remove the value of an older generation.

  3. Not a boomer, but it wasn't the boomers that wrecked the country. Those were the guys in charge in the 1960's. Not the boomers.

    1. Johnson was instrumental in the destruction with his "Great Society". The money spent on the attempt to subjugate a voting block is astounding.