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Sunday, April 5, 2020

I'm Tiring of the Uncertainty

First, if the Chinese were really sitting on a pandemic pathogen, refusing to stop the spread, and exposing the entire world to illness, may those involved suffer for their lack of humanity. Such things fall under the purges of society by Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and the rest of the liberal Progressives throughout history. There is no punishment really appropriate, except isolation for the rest of their lives in small cells. After a few years, give them a dull knife.

I'm tired of all the B.S. to be found. This virus is deadly, not deadly, spreading rapidly, not spreading rapidly, lasts for weeks without a host, lasts for hours without a host, hospital beds are lacking, hospital beds are empty.....the list goes on.

The media is not to be trusted. Instead of embracing their Constitutional duty, too many fell to the level of tabloid garbage. Conjecture is all the "experts" can present, and sensationalism demands we're told about the illness of an inconsequential wart on the ass of society  celebrity.

If a third of the citizens of the U.S. are as fed up as I am, woe be it to anyone that is the focus of the anger.


  1. I am more and more convinced we are being lied to about this situation.
    The question is: Is Trump lying?

    1. That's a good question. I don't think he is, because he has the same "professional" opinions that are based on years of isolation from middle America. D.C. is the problem, and not the cure. Turn off the air-conditioning and see if the jobs are that desirable.

    2. I don't think he is.
      It appears the government over-reach is all on a state/local level.
      But he's gonna have to reel Fauci in, and that will take some skill.

    3. Trump had many traitors to deal with. That, and he has to root out the rest. He's smart, knows people, and will ax those that need to be out.

  2. The media is definitely not to be trusted, and Trump is surrounded by vipers in every corner.I think he knows exactly what is happening here. I believe he is balancing the saving of lives with this quarantine versus saving of lives by re-starting our economy. My guess is that he will be ahead of his advisers on this.

    1. I think he has to be ahead of his advisers. If he finds any trying to cause problems, he needs to have them hung at daylight.

    2. ^@DaBlade, I agree and sure hope you're (we're) right.
      @ Jess, YES, daylight, broadcast and live-streamed!

  3. I'll bet 25 N95 masks that that little creepy fauci guy gets canned when this is all over.