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Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Everybody has a different reaction to this Coronovirus B.S., which is usual, but I'm seeing too much fear, and not enough anger. Anger? Yes anger, and why not?

First, the media has been a constant source of caterwauling, with an obvious effort to hide the fact liberal government has not only failed at its basic task, its squandered resources on crap like green energy, feel good programs, overpaying officials, and promising retirements that will eventually bankrupt. If there's one source to blame, the media would be that source. It's failed in the reason it was protected in the Constitution. That's criminal, deserves anger, and retribution to those most involved with the propaganda machine to allow corruption.

Second, the basic decency required by government to protect resources, frugal spending of public money, honesty, and focusing on the health of the nation was thrown out the window. Politicians lined their pockets by allowing foreign influence to destroy our ability of self-sufficiency. They protect themselves with foreign accounts, investments, retreats, and personal bodyguards. The bureaucrats they feed are self-replicating parasites on society as destructive as the lice that infect cattle. The bungling agencies not only fail in basic tasks, they corrupt with illegal activities, destructive programs, and squander money with impunity.

There are many that need punishing for their part in the debacle, and their punishment needs to be severe. Millions are affected by the greed, lack of responsibility, and outright disrespect of those that grease the wheels of society and keep it working. They've not only failed, their actions have destroyed the wealth of millions. People will die, and their deaths were avoidable.


  1. Well said, Jess. How, will or does the the U.S. economy recover any sustainability if our businesses remain closed for another 2-4 weeks, let alone 2-3 months?
    How's the arm doing? Take care, man. We need ya.

    1. The hand is basically completely healed. The new problem is Bell Palsy, with sinus problems.

      I'm lucky, since I live in a rural area, at the end of a long road, with only family occupying the last houses on the end. We jokingly call it a "compound". Signs warn strangers, and those willing to continue are met on the road.

      I think the economy has severe damage, but will survive. Like during WW2, people compromised, but when it was over, people rose to rebuilding a nation. Maybe this time we'll avoid depending on foreign producers, and adjusting to what it costs to be an independent nation.

  2. I am plenty angry at Congress for their evil shenanigans, but try not to think about it too much because apparently high blood pressure puts you at greater risk for catching the COVID-19 virus. It doesn't help that the ne'er-do-wells gave themselves an enormous raise in the stimulus bill. AAAARGH!!!

    1. There's a special place in Hell for the evil congress critters.

  3. I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!
    We need some of that.

    1. We need that, but hopefully it's constructive and focused in the right place.