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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Cracking Down on Churches

I've read a few reports of churches, and church goers, being targeted by zealous officials. The officials might be thinking they're doing a good thing, but if you think about it, the judges that will be responsible for collecting the fines will find they have no power to do so. The Constitution, and pissed off parishioners, will not turn their cheeks for the fascist efforts of those that have to live in their community. On the federal scale, such things might take a long time to wander through the courts. At the local level, one trip to a local grocery store will let the wannabe tyrants know nobody has their back. That, and how lonely a road can be, when there's nobody to help you repair your automobile.

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  1. At our church we are told to honour our leaders as much as possible and to render unto Ceasar… but I will not bow down to him. We are shuttered for now and I am okay with that. Although I think the whole thing is a panicked over-reaction... I'd hate to be wrong, and end up infecting any of the seniors. A lot of them are concerned about it and frightened … so it's just better for us all I guess.