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Monday, February 15, 2021

Energy, and Stupidity

 Deep down here in Texas, one of the largest refineries can't stay running, due to the cold. Controls don't work, processes are affected, and the safety of all involved becomes an issue. Refineries are dangerous critters, and some problems lead to disaster. 

All refining operations will suffer over the next few days. Freezing weather leads to problems that don't go away, until the temperature rises - which it will. The workers will be faced with starting units again, and that itself is a dangerous operation. Pipes get cold, contract, might crack, or a flange may start leaking. With the high temperature of hydrocarbons being processed, all that's needed to start a fire is the atmosphere. Little leaks can turn into huge fires, and those on site have to take care of the problems as they occur. 

I read the wind farms are having problems. If I had to guess, the turbines down near the Texas coast weren't designed for the cold, and the result is gear box, and other lubrication problems. That guarantees a reduction in power capacity, and the overall effect is a strain on generating facilities that use hydrocarbons to create steam. Otherwise, the "green" energy isn't working, and I'm sure the tree-huggers are all complaining about the cold. They probably don't understand the heavy synthetic fibers they wear are the result of the oil they think is evil. They'll be busy complaining on social media, which they access through their computing devices made out of plastics, which are made from oil.

Another thing: Local electric generating plants anticipate a lightened load during the winter. This leads to maintenance, and a loss in capacity during the winter. With this outbreak, regardless of demand, there just isn't enough electricity to satisfy this demand. Roving blackouts are being used to prevent complete large losses of electricity, and many are finding long periods of time without electricity. 

The stupidity is soon to arise. Someone will demand a solution, politicians will form committees, and huge amounts of money will be spent talking about problems that can't be solved by those in power only because of "diversity". In the end, nothing will change, and taxes will go up to pay for the bureaucrats hired to "solve" the problem.


  1. Not to mention that Texas went from a source of natural gas to a sink in just two days.

    While all of those natural gas electrical generation plants have to work double to keep up.

    While all of the houses need natural gas to keep warm . . .


    1. We have enough idiots in Texas to cause problems, and our share of governors that were willing to sacrifice the sovereignty of the state to feed at the federal trough.