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Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Path Not Taken

 It's not surprising the Senate voted to not have witnesses, and decided to have a vote. The outcome was the usual outcome with all the Marxists voting to convict, and the others to not. It shows the majority of those wanting to convict knew that witnesses, and presented evidence, would show not only culpability in sedition, but some acts a rational jury would find as treason. They knew their precious media couldn't hide their actions, and when in aggregate, their actions could only be considered criminal conspiracy. 

It's business as usual in the capitol, but business is looking bad for those that pursued wealth, instead of representing their constituents. Regardless of what the alphabet networks report, there's more outlets of information, and they're digging into the rot we call national politics, and even states are starting to question the authority so long abused. With states deciding they will exercise their power, the federal government is faced with the fact it only has two decisions, and the decision to flex its muscles will only result in failure. Otherwise, the next two years will be a feckless clown circus. All the mandates will end up in court, and the path to the Supreme Court takes years to travel.


  1. I had no idea that the dems had tampered with evidence until I saw this.

    1. The evidence tampering was probably one of the greatest reasons they didn't want witnesses. Perjury is a serious thing, and when Senators are in the middle of it, they know possible criminal charges can follow.

      A real Attorney General would attempt prosecution. Since we don't have one, low-life criminals will continue to stay out of jail.