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Monday, February 15, 2021

I'm Not Used To This

 It's around 20 degrees, and there's about an inch of snow on the ground. We're still having a few flurries, but the weather wizards said it should be over about thirty minutes ago. 

When I was five, we had a similar event. Temperatures reached single digits, snow stayed piled for days, and we had all the fun kids can have, even if we didn't understand the water pipe in the attic was frozen, and in the future, the ceiling would fall in. 

They're calling this a once in a lifetime event. Since I'm on the second one, that either means this is unique, or I've lived longer than they thought.


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    1. I have a well, in a house with a light bulb for heat. It stays above freezing. Between insulated pipes, and my constant floor pacing, every faucet, and appliance, gets checked at least every hour.

  2. Good luck for this next week. I think you guys are predicted to have really low temps thru what? Thursday? Here in central calif we are fortunate to not be in your cold, most here would have zero clue of how to handle it.

    1. It's Thursday, and my neck of the woods should be above freezing for much of the day. We're almost completely thawed, but going a little North, it isn't the same.

      Roads, and bridges are treacherous for now. We're below freezing right now, and much of the melt froze again.