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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Texans Can Blame The Feds

 The biggest problem with the loss of electricity in Texas during the big freeze was the EPA.  Texas asked to increase the energy output, but was refused. Otherwise, with the increased energy of running under full capacity, the lack of electricity would have been lessened, if not eliminated. To add insult to injury, after the failure of the feds to alleviate a foreseen problem, they compounded the problem by refusing to help Texas by declaring the result as a disaster. 

I don't know how many feel, but I consider this an act of war. The Biden administration is intentionally damaging Texas, and the Governor should tell them to pound sand, while closing off some pipeline going north. 


  1. They have themselves ultimately to blame too, Jess. Solar and Wind power are just flat out scams. They only make sense for low power applications where other forms of power are not readily available. In the real world - anyone that votes or thinks or speaks the wrong way - is going to have to be self sufficient or weaponized out the wazzoo...

    1. That's true. That bothers me, since it's proven wind power isn't reliable for furnishing power, or economical.

    2. Glen - nope us deplorables had absolutely no say in how the power grid was operated. That was done by ercot (the 'management' group) who dictated that a certain percentage of our power had to be 'green' and there was nothing us mere mortals could do about it. Gov. Abbott asked for the disaster exception that was within the rules - which would likely have avoided most of the blackouts but was flatly denied by (guess who) the epa. We suffered due to their gross negligence and lack of compassion towards a 'red' state. Want proof - look at the areas that slow joe has finally gotten around to granting aid to. Here's a hint - those cities and counties are all 'blue'

  2. The Left will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals - and destruction is on the agenda so that they can replace anything from the past.