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Thursday, February 18, 2021


 I'm a little amazed that my generation is becoming reviled by many that can't find their butts with both hands. "Boomer" has become a word to denigrate, instead of an honor to those that fought in Viet Nam, endured the crappy politicians called President, years of pork barrel politics, and were instrumental in building what those that insult us so ignorantly take for granted. Most only wanted to eventually retire, and hoped their children would have a better way. They've been honest citizens for decades, reached retirement age, and now are being told the Social Security they paid for decades is an entitlement.

I call them imbeciles, but like my friend's term better: "Fleshy headed mutants". Years of mediocracy, nanny state demands, the unsustainable belief that rights include free money, no discipline, and believing the lies from the media, have turned way too many young folks into lackeys for those wanting to destroy the United States. To make things worse, their laziness has manifested into glee for the misfortune of others, and an appetite for destruction.

My advice to younger folks is that they need to step up to the plate. Understand the government is run by the unqualified, the media constantly lies, the Constitution is not a living document, and mediocrity only leads to the inability to flourish. That inability leads to being unable to survive. When that point is reached, and they start loading them into the rail cars, they'll happily believe the lies, as they travel to the camps to starve.


  1. English teachers have abandoned all but one of the great historical teachers.
    Reading Mediocrates is still required.

  2. A heartfelt "REV'R'ND!" from the Wild, Wild West!

  3. I just keep praying that our country does not get attacked by outside or have to go to any war again.....I doubt there would be anyone to fight for America. *lost generations

    1. Considering all the old folks like me, and those that served in the past, I doubt there's any country willing to take on tens of millions of armed citizens. In twenty years, they might have a better chance. Until then, the rest of the world can fight amongst themselves.

  4. I made the boomer demographic by a couple of months. Culturally I relate to gen x far more than the boomers. In fairness, the Boomers produced those kids, and they are enabling them to this day. My parents are horrible shit libs. Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Stretch Pelosi etc... are boomers. Boomers inherited a birthright and a country and pissed it away; X’ers and millennials are screwed if they ever get kicked out of Mom’s basement because there are no jobs, and their elders are hard at work gutting what’s left of the economy.

    What galls the crap out of me is when my elderly parents run their yaps about all they have. They got it because they worked hard. I don’t have nearly the wealth they do because we are stupid and lazy.

    Stuck almost exactly between the generations... I see both sides. There is nough guilt to go round.

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