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Monday, February 8, 2021

They Don't Understand (And Don't Want To)

There's a huge disconnect between those in the nation's capitol, and the huge number of people that allow them to play games with their lives. Supposedly, the capitol is full of people diligently representing those that voted them into office, but reality shows they usually acquire office by promising those with money access to the money that flows like water from a well. The representatives are only exposed to those that can take the day off, buy an expensive plate of food at a fund raiser, and promote those that they feel will help them the most. Most soon forget they are supposed to represent everyone in their district, and after more than one term, lose touch completely with those that suffer the daily grind to survive. 

The Capitol doesn't understand the "common folk". Those that work there are far removed from the ordinary circumstances that make up the majority of American lives. They have armed security to protect them, many have limousine service to deliver them to their offices, and all are forever trying to find out how to increase their income from the public trough. Even the lowest civil service worker doesn't understand they have a job at the tolerance of someone that actually produces something. They only know to pay their dues, hope their union reps keep the raises coming, and eventually collect the pension the private sector doesn't have available.  

All in all, we are being controlled by people that don't understand. To make things worse, they don't want to, since any sign of working for those that elect them will lead to the big money leaving for greener pastures. You can't keep office, if you don't grease the palms of those that grease yours in return. Common folks only have enough to survive, and have little tolerance of those that are willing to sacrifice integrity for the opportunities offered by selling out your country. The constituents can only offer a vote, and that is so easily stolen with electronic manipulation. Why help them? We already control them.

I try to understand people, but have a hard time doing so, when they continue to ignore their contributions to the things that make their lives worse. Too much of the media pounds fiction into their thoughts, their sports teams allow the worse of criminals to represent their teams, their elected officials steal their votes, the social media they can't turn loose censors their thoughts, the entire mess is orchestrated by foreign powers, and those those that made billions on the suffering of millions. All this information is readily available, but too many turn their heads, when they feel inconvenienced. 


  1. They have to try to avoid the Truth - once confronted, they have to review all of the lies that they have been told.

    Nobody wants to look that deeply down the rabbit hole.

    1. It's a deep rabbit hole, and they know there's not a rabbit at the bottom.

  2. When the barn catches fire, the frightened cattle will fight their owners to remain safely in their stalls. If you can drag them outside, they will struggle and fight to break free and go back into the burning barn. Folks will do all in their power to avoid a fight, while the issues that divide them become ever more serious and dire. They’d rather lay on the couch with a beer and potato chips and watch the game, rather than see their nation burning down all around them and doing something about it...