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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

All In

 Bluffing, and going all in, is risky, but the reward is great...unless you're called, and your hand is a low pair. That's where the seditionists are at this point. They think their bluff is working, since it worked in the past. Unfortunately, the past is only a reference, and reality is they've pissed off the majority of those unwilling to trade their liberty for supposed safety. To make their predicament worse, all their efforts to remove self-defense from citizens failed, and if they weren't so desperate, they'd know the upsurge in self-defense sales are not only to prevent a petty crime.

Too much of the media is complicit in the sedition, but considering those that are involved, the years of corrupt colleges created their irrational perspective. They think they're doing the right thing, while never considering a tyrannical government doesn't need many of their kind; and if they become unruly, they'll be the first to be removed. After all, they can't produce anything but truth, or propaganda. Neither is important to those willing to sacrifice millions for their power. 

People are pushing back. It's starting by refusing illegal mandates, and relocation. How it ends is yet be seen, but the signs of the government beginning to crack are appearing. Some things that aren't being hid any longer:

- Russia Gate was a setup, and rogue government officials were involved.

- Voting is not sacred, and the fraud is not only apparent, those involved are open with their crimes.

- The judicial system is in terrible disarray, and the solution is harsher penalties for criminals. 

- Immigration needs to be stopped until it can be placed under control. 

- The Covid scare was an effort to subjugate, and destroy the U.S. economy. To make things worse, the supposed vaccination is not only killing people, millions will be dependent on injections sold by manufacturers that have no liability.

- The military higher brass is filled with traitors. 

- The President is not only unable to lead, he's a puppet, and terribly demented. 

There's more, but it doesn't take much effort to find the things too much of the media is trying to hide. People are pushing back, and those who are called "common folks" are realizing they have the winning hand. The bluff will probably not work, and if those in charge are wise, they'll start doing what's right.


  1. Outstanding commentary. I wish I saw a way out but I'm afraid you're correct. Doesn't end well.

    1. My hope is it ends horribly for those so willing to subjugate for personal gain.

  2. Only addition to your excellent post:

    - The judicial system is in terrible disarray, and the solution is harsher penalties for criminals. Prosecutions should start at the top of the political spectrum to the bottom of it. Reduced sentence for cooperation from the mid level down, no leniency at the top, no immunity.

    As far as the top brass in the military, UCMJ then summary execution. Within 48 hrs of verdict, on the parade ground with their command in attendance.

    I just don't know where an impartial judge would be found.

    1. I think the smarter judges realize they tread on thin ice by not doing what's right. If not, they'll be the first to suffer.

  3. Ah yeah, I think you pretty much nailed it..

    1. It makes me wonder how many people can be so gullible and allow this crap to continue.

  4. "I'm mad as HELL, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"
    We're nearly there.
    When the trigger is pulled, it won't be pretty.
    Be a good Boy Scout.

    1. More than a third of the U.S. has had enough. The rest are either too complacent, or weak. They are what anyone would call expendable.