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Saturday, September 4, 2021

They're Back

 I was down at the in-laws, and was a little surprised at the number of hummingbirds already here. At least thirty were hovering, or in the landing pattern around their feeders, and being the usual turds they can be. All think it's theirs alone, chase off the others for a short time, and then are overwhelmed by the numbers. 

Fall is approaching, which can be a slow process in my neck of the woods. Temps are still in the mid nineties, and the humidity will drown a house fly. Still, it won't be long until we get a front, and the relief of cooler weather will arrive.


  1. We too, have noticed that the hummingbird activity picks up in mid September. I have seen as many as 15 different birds at peak around our 3 feeders...then; they're gone.

    1. It won't be long before the feeders won't be refilled, and they have to move on South.

    2. We always have a few that stick around in the winter. I saw a documentary a few years back about hummingbird, and Port Arthur was definitely a 'hotspot' before their migration. The question was left as to where they go. Some theorize that they fly across the Gulf to Cuba, hence their engorging themselves on the nectar available. They even showed a satellite image of a mystery blog going across the Gulf of Mexico, unexplained. Obviously, it would be a nonstop trip.

    3. I've read they fly about 30 mph. From the Gulf Coast, across to to the Yucatan, it would take less than a full day. Flying down through Mexico would take longer, but there would be food on the way.