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Thursday, September 16, 2021

What Would They Have to Say?

My only exposure to members of the military was through mostly former enlisted personnel, and lower ranking officers. My brother served for over twenty years, and his good commanding officers wouldn't get in his way, since they had enough sense to know all the spit and polish wouldn't get things done. Sometimes it's best to leave someone alone; especially when your career is on the line when that person allows you to do something really stupid.

I haven't seen anything from former military folks under the command of Mark Milley. How did they perceive his command abilities? Was he liked, or was he a yes man with the ability to feather his cap and advance through ass kissing? Was he an officer that was promoted to avoid having to fill out a huge amount of paperwork explaining why he should be demoted to private? It would be interesting to find out, since it appears he's the pivot man in a circle jerk that needs to be court martialed. 


  1. I can't see how anyone would admit supporting him after what he has done.

    1. Treason is what it is. IF the military doesn't correct this problem, the military is basically declaring war on U.S. citizens.

  2. I think the military designation for men like that is “REMF”, Jess. If I recall, Obutthole and The Buckwheat Administration sent a lot of seasoned and respected officers into retirement and replaced them with compliant flunkies. Milley sounds like one. Don’t be surprised in the coming days if it turns out that he’s also a queer, or a pedo or a rapist.

    1. The military can do their job, or realize they will only have mercenaries, who generally won't work without substantial pay, and will go to the envisioned enemy for work.