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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Joe's at the Beach

 Biden is at the beach. Meanwhile, Milley is still a traitor, we are being invaded, and Pfizer is pulling its vaccine due to a cancer risk. When you add the fact the feckless military leaders bombed a civilian, instead of terrorists, it doesn't take any keen thought to know the United States is a ship without a rudder on a stormy sea. 

The protest over the political prisoners held by the jackboots of the Biden Gestapo is not showing many protesters. Why? Those that know the government is trying to complete tyranny, and will round up dissenters to destroy their lives. The absence of people is a clear sign to the government thugs they're on the losing side, and if they're smart, they'll abandon their masters and do what's right.


  1. Of course he is. It's not like he's making any decisions, is it?

    1. He doesn't have the mental acuity. Even worse, there are millions that think he's great.