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Monday, September 20, 2021

Watching the Start of Fall

Over that last few weeks, early morning revealed Orion higher in the sky. It started as right above the horizon, to where it is now: about 40 degrees above the horizon. Sirius, which was only visible right at sunrise, is now high above the horizon. Regardless of how hot it's been, Fall is arriving. 

The hummingbirds are thick. The feeders stay full, and the constant buzz of those waiting to feed fills the air. The sultry uncomfortable evenings are almost gone, and sitting on the porch allows the wafting of cooler air that drifts from the surrounding woods. While most of the trees haven't turned, it won't be long until the leaves accumulate, and will be found swirling in the darkened shadows of late evening. 

The weather wizards are forecasting what we call  the "first real front" on Wednesday. There's not a high forecast of rain, but the mid-fifties at the end of the week may demand turning on the heater for a few minutes too break the morning chill. 

This is my favorite time of year. While those that may soon deal with the ravages of Winter have a different opinion, to me, it's the first relief from our brutal Summer. The hot, humid 80 degree sunrises are replaced by temperatures below what the air conditioner can provide, and evenings will yield a chilled breeze full of the aroma of burning leaves. 

The bacon is ready, coffee is brewed, and the porch is calling me to greet the sunrise. I'll sit until the early light chases away the deep shadows.


  1. Same here. It's in the 50's during the mornings and Orion is slowly creeping up in the sky.

    1. We haven't seen 50's since May. When they get here, it will be a welcome relief.

  2. I'm a Spring guy. But...
    I take comfort knowing the falling leaves are being pushed from their foundation by buds of the leaves that will burst forth during my favorite season. That is the only way I can stomach the forthcoming cold, damp, ugly se3ason that is Winter.
    Enjoy your coffee and bacon, as will I.

    1. I like Spring, but have that gnawing feeling the heat will soon arrive. That's leads to months of oppressive heat and humidity.

  3. Winter. The colder, the darker, the more severe the better. I like frost on the windows . . . on the inside.

    1. My father loved Winter. He would sleep with the window cracked on the coldest of nights.