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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Some Things Don't Change

 When I started driving, my grandfather (who was an independent insurance agent) told me about the worst company he had to deal with with claims. I looked up the worst paying insurance companies on the web, and behold, it's still on the top ten. That's half a century of being  the worst paying insurance company. What really amazed me was that in the top ten, the companies that advertise the most are the worst. It makes sense, they don't pay their customers so they can pay to deceive with advertising.


  1. For the last 23 years I have been purchasing life insurance for my grandkids, now up to 5. The last couple of years this company, american united life, has been having issues with mailing me the invoice for payment on time. Several times they forgot to mail one, and several times they would mail 2 at a time on the same day for the previous month. Anyway, now I am trying to cancel these poliicies and do a cash surrender on them for the grandkids. But instead of that this company keeps paying the premiums out of the cash value and refusing to talk to me about it. Buncha buttholes.

    1. In Texas, the Texas Board of Insurance can make things happen. Twice I had problems with insurance companies, and twice they took action. Both times resulted in the end of the foot dragging and a swift payment.