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Saturday, October 14, 2023

You Don't See This Very Often

We weren't far from the Hill Country, where it was the total ring of fire eclipse, but we were in an area that had 85% blockage. This wasn't my first, but it was still a sight to see. The difference in light is obvious, shadows are different, and many probably never really noticed. 

We won't have another for a long, long time. I'll chalk this one up as probably my last. 


  1. Next one up is April 8 2024, according to the daughter.

    1. I didn't realize that, and totality will be within 300 miles. I think I will plan to travel to that one. I can drive it in hours, not need a hotel and drive home with memories.

  2. Overcast here. Also, it's worth the trip.

    1. Solar eclipses are one of those things that are fascinating, or lead to ignorant societies wanting to sacrifice a goat.