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Saturday, August 31, 2013


John Kerry is using the death of around 1500 people to promote his wish the United States attacks Syria. He's worried about these people, but if you look back in the early days of his journey into becoming a lying politician  career, he didn't have anything to say about the deaths of thousands when the North Vietnamese began purging the citizens of the south to accomplish their goals. He was part of the process that led to these deaths, yet the media is quiet about this hypocrisy. They're also quiet about his congressional testimony that was found to be backed by lies.

Is this irony? No; this is what you get when people are not taken to task early in their careers and exposed as the hypocritical sacks of crap they really are.

A less polite society would throw him off a ship in the middle of the ocean.


  1. As a nation, we are TOO polite. At least the majority seems to be...or should I say "sheeplike". If the hillbillys and hard working red necks and country folks ever come to town "bearing arms" things would change quickly.

  2. Kerry is the best example of a liberal, elitist, snob to be found. Just hearing him speak is insulting.