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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oklahoma Thugs and Realization

Three young men, two black and one white, decided to have some fun. They rode around in the white boy's car until one of the black men found his victim, which he shot with a 22. The victim died and the reason? For fun.

Now we wait. The uproar is starting and the Australians are calling for the boycott of the U.S. in retaliation for allowing one of their own to be murdered by the thugs that roam through our cities.

If the race bait crowd doesn't realize it, they now are accountable for the out of control situation. They have blood on their hands, since they've ignored the real problems, and pushed for angry retaliation in so-called race issues. They've emboldened a group of people that don't fear the citizens they prey upon.

What happens now? I think the race bait crowd needs to be very quiet. They're out numbered, now considered a threat by their actions, and nothing good will come from any effort to use this tragedy for personal gain.

As far as thugs? The number of gun sales should make them aware of their danger. People have had enough and the smallest of threats will end in self-defense. I have a feeling there will be many, the district attorneys will realize they can't bankrupt cities for political reasons, and many thugs will end up in Potter's field.


  1. The one boy they killed was worth 1,000 of those thugs...wait...that would just make it WORSE.

    Let the entire world boycott america. As long as we feed 'em, and kiss their asses, what do they care?

    If they wanted to see someone die for the fun of it, I'm sure there were more targets in their neighborhood.

    Now the Democrats have jumped on the gut truck and THEY now think the Stand Your Ground law IS racial.

    Well, if THEY don't want to get shot, leave whitey the hell alone.

    1. pssst: I left a link to your blog at the bottom of today's post.

    2. Thank you for the link. I think it caught the eye of a few of your readers, but I'm on bot patrol. I have the anti-aircraft guns on standby.

  2. I know a great place those boys could go visit in Italy. I'll even strap them in.

    1. They confessed, which should mean no public funds to get rid of their stupid asses. I figure the cost to handle this problem could be less than $5.

  3. The light one was a 50-50 mix, like Our President.


  4. As most of you are aware, Oklahoma has "Stand your Ground" statute(s) on the books. The problem in this case is that they shot this Aussy baseballer in the back like the cowards they are. They didn't even have the cajones to face him like men, even if they outnumbered him. So, like Travon Martin, this statute doesn't even apply to the situation though it will not take long for those who advocate disarming America to say it applies here.

    1. They don't have any logical argument for their position, so they make crap up, spout it on television and prove the only qualification to be on television is an I.Q. one point above a radish.