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Monday, August 12, 2013

Canine Airlift

The First Dog received a special airplane ride to Martha's Vineyard for vacation. It wasn't as expensive as flying Air Force One, but he's a dog, after all.

Meanwhile, some poor sucker in Anytown, USA is wondering how he'll keep his business open and worries about his wife's illness.

Dipshits. May the library for this President be a port-a-can on a corner in Chicago.


  1. There's a word for people like the first family, but we're not supposed to use it anymore. We do what we're told to do now.

    AND, please put his library in Detroit. They can't read, but they sure love to loot.

    1. No we're not, even though it's a perfect description of the stereotypical behavior.

      Whatever city takes the library will bear the shame of the legacy. Considering the political leanings, Ho Chi Minh city is the best place.

  2. "It wasn't as expensive as flying Air Force One, but he's a dog, after all."

    He could have flown on AF-1 with the rest of the family for less than the cost of the special flight. The Obama's aren't even trying to hide that they're just grifters intent on wasting tax payers money every possible chance they can.

    1. What makes me most angry is a U.K. newspaper is the source of the information. Our own media is too busy wiping crap out of their ears to perform their job.

    2. Um Jess, that is a BIG part of the problem, they (our lamestream media) ain't even bothering to try to get that 'stuff' oughtta their ears............
      Anyone know who the dog handler was? (paging reggielove)

      sigh, I suppose I should just go ahead and put all my identifying info on here - after all I'm on so many watch lists one more probably won't make any difference.

    3. I'm enjoying the sale of large newspapers and television networks. It shows they can't compete, will find the public won't back them and any government intervention will end in disaster for the media and the government.