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Monday, August 19, 2013

Unemployment Is Up

I won't link the figures, but they can be found on the net.

So, the wizardry with false numbers can't even be adjusted to hide the dismal employment in the United States. When you add this, and the fact the stimulus did absolutely nothing, the best way to look at this administration is that of a complete failure.

Obamacare is on the way. With it will come more unemployment, less money for the economy, a new regime of lying politicians and the typical reaction of the press to blame it on those that actually get up every morning and go to work.

If you didn't vote in the last federal election, or voted for someone that is now an entrenched Washington insider, you better think twice before the mid-term. In case you haven't noticed, they're pushing for you to live in a mud hut; spending your days picking shit with the chickens.

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  1. And now there is a big protest regarding needing to show ID at the polls. When, if any american had half a cow's brain, they'd know that the ones in protest are illegal and have no right to vote to begin with.

    But someone (I wonder whooooo) doesn't care if they're illegal or not, because their vote will keep him in office.