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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Budget Deal?

I haven't read the bill, so I have no details. I do have the experience of those in the past, and the trillions in debt don't indicate there's any relief for taxpayers in this one either.

The supposed leadership in Washington shows there's only one real goal, which is to continue the operation of the political machine called Washington, the District of Columbia.

It's a huge machine, that once had a purpose. That purpose was to keep the United States safe, keep the ability to communicate a priority and insure all expenditures were based on real needs. It was a simple machine and designed to allow liberty of the citizens.

Now, it's a contraption that is not only expensive, the intended purpose is almost lost in the workings of useless components, wasted resources and the constant fiddling with the controls to determine how much more can be added, without completely destroying the machine.

Like any machine, Washington requires something to supply the energy to make it operate. In this situation, it's money, which is limited. It doesn't grow on trees, can't really be described as renewable and the supply is being reduced by the sheer volume of waste. The suppliers are appalled by this waste, yet those in Washington don't pay attention. They'd rather look to those that too have a part in this contraption of ridiculous purposes and ignore those that ultimately determine if the money will continue to flow and allow this machine to run.

I read that around 45% of those that live in this country depend on Washington and place no money in the pipeline that feeds the machine. That's unconscionable, but I think they don't realize mental concepts and philosophical discourse have no real bearing on the ultimate outcome. Regardless of political beliefs, the machine will fail when there is not enough money to keep it running. That point approaches and whether the machine is dismantled to its original function, or fails completely is the big question.

No matter how this happens, it will and the operators in Washington indicate by their actions they'll be the last to suffer from the effects. They have no qualms about continuing their dereliction of purpose and allowing the financial burdens of the taxpayers to increase, while theirs don't, and they gather wealth with unethical dealings.

So, in Washington D.C., the machine clatters, clangs, and pieces fall off constantly; destroying things as they fall and increasing the amounts of resources required to keep this monstrosity running. In spite of the dire warnings, the operators ignore the problems and too many in the United States are blissfully unaware of the impending failure.


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    1. Thank you.

      I wish more people would pay attention, ignore the media and those in Washington were so respectful of their responsibility, the like of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and John McCain would be forced to retire.