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Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Usually About Money

With the big flap about the comments of one of the stars of a reality show, the one sure thing that appeared was the worry about money.

The sponsors of the show, and the products endorsed, jumped between outrage, dismay and being butt-hurt, when they realized they were kicked in the ass pocket. I doubt they really have any moral dilemma; their statements pretty well indicate they're really not sure which way to jump; except it needs to be in the direction that doesn't hurt their profits.

The organization that was so adamant about their position now finds they've wandered away from the security of Hollywood and the wilderness is full of those that find their beliefs far from their own. To add insult to injury, some of the people they supposedly represent are insulted by the reactions. The correspondence they're receiving, from what I've read, is not showing a huge amount of support. This can translate into dollars they won't receive.

So, it's all about money; and the star of the show doesn't care what people think, will go on with his life and will do so without remorse. I don't think he needs the money. I'm betting he'd carve a wooden beak and pick shit with the chickens, before he'd back down from his beliefs for money.

I doubt those that created this faux event have the same resolution. They'll be wondering how bad they were damaged for a long time. I'm pretty sure the hurt won't go away anytime soon, and they probably deserve the pain.

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