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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Learning Is a Good Experience

I was thinking about a gumbo I made last week. I'd made one about a month ago, and while my wife thought it was good, she said I could have cooked the roux longer.

I thought about it, determined I could do better and approached the task in a different manner.

In the past, I'd turn the heat higher and constantly stir the roux to keep it from burning. This time, I turned the heat low, added just a touch of bacon grease to the oil for flavor and turned as necessary.

After a time, I realized the roux wasn't getting any darker. I kept turning it and carefully watched to make sure it wasn't burning.

The outcome? After determining the roux would only get darker if I burned it, I knew it was ready for adding the onions. After I sweated the onion, I added the chicken and turned it in the roux for a few minutes. The only thing left at that time was to add some water, more seasoning and the sausage, when it was time.

It turned out good and there's still some in the freezer.

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