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Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Not Tax Bicycles?

There are a few articles about this new source of tax revenue, so you can find them with a search engine.

I guess I'm a little amazed. Taxing entities are so desperate for money, they'll do just about anything to find a new source of revenue to waste. Even if they taxed all bicycles, charged a user fee, place tollways on bicycles paths and demanded licenses, the paltry amount of revenue wouldn't make a dent in their budget deficits. Still, they try and never realize they only generate more anger, with a determination to kick the entire lot of bureaucratic imbeciles to the curb.

Dumbasses. This affliction is rampant among government employees. That, and an insane belief people believe they all serve some useful purpose.


  1. Taxing bicyclists might hit the "nail everyone else for the bill but not me" crowd a tad too closely.

    1. Like affordable healthcare. It seems like such a good idea, when somebody else pays for it.

  2. I really think the bikes should be responsible for all the damage to roadways and the extremely well-planned bike routes constructed solely for bikes and all that caters to bike safety and biker's right, and everything bike related in any state or municipality. (sarcasm)

    When can we start to tax tricycles?

    1. One article I read justified the push for a bike tax to compensate for the harm to the environment as the riders exhale more CO2 than people not riding.

      We live in interesting times, but I have a feeling people are getting less interested.