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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, Too Bad About Your Benefits, and Get Your Ass to Another Hell-Hole

The Sudan is turning into another third world toilet.  Not that it already wasn't, but U.S. Marines weren't exposed to gunfire and the danger of anarchy.

Now they are. Meanwhile, the President lounges in Hawaii, his administrative officials lie their asses off and the troops will have more than their share of those that don't care, due to the new "budget agreement".

Damned if this doesn't piss me off more than many other things. It's all hype, until a bullet finds you and your own government will probably shuffle you into some crappy V.A. hospital and hope you die before you get any benefits. All of that, while evacuating those silly enough to even think of going to a crappy location, like the Sudan.

Assholes. Too many people don't deserve the protection they receive. I include about 90 percent of those in Washington, D.C. in this description.


  1. No more VA after Obama; The Big Boys are tired of paying. No more Retirement . No more GI bill. Just watch when the public money runs out for Mercenaries, the "gubberment" will just start "pressing " the cannon fodder into service. They think that they are Royal, and we are property of the King, now they will act like it.---Ray

    1. I think of those that served, those still serving and the obvious disdain of the military by too many in the current administration. This won't turn out well, but those that failed our armed forces will suffer most.