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Friday, December 20, 2013

Ducks, Dynasties and Contracts

I've never watched "Duck Dynasty". From what I read, it's popular and the patriarch spoke his opinion, which was printed in a magazine, and the media turned away from anything that is important to focus on this non-event.

First thing: I don't care what he said. It's his opinion.

Second: Since I don't watch the show, still not watching the show will have no effect on the revenues.

Third: No matter how anyone feels, or acts, the final determination on how this plays out will be as civil litigation, if necessary. The contract determines the obligations and - since I don't have a dog in the hunt - I don't care what the contract states. I will read it, for a fee, since I'm not interested, although I doubt anyone will make me the offer.

If anyone is, I'm cheap. You can get me to read your contract, allow me to comment and waste your money for the low cost of $45 per expenses. My opinion is worthless in court and will guarantee you a smirk from a judge...if not a contempt citation.


  1. Yeah, but I want to see how this plays out with the dynamics of A&E's viewership.

    1. A&E will lose money. Their viewership will suffer and the effect will be both sides declaring victory.

      This is why I don't watch much television any longer and avoid any of the alphabet networks. They only survive because of viewers. Take away the viewer, the networks disappear into the abyss of the inconsequential, where they belong. .

  2. I have never watched the show, either. Sure have read a lot about it online the past couple of days, tho. Seems to me, the guy stated his opinion, which he has the right to do. A & E chose to slap his hands, which, as an employer, is their right to do. Sure did take the Obamacare mess off the front page. Sometimes I think that America has the attention span of a gnat.

    1. The group that complained is a tiny part of the population, that proudly exposed their weakness and now face a severe public backlash. Their ability to operate will now have an additional stigma attached, which may lead to membership drops and the increased disdain of the public.

      Meanwhile, A&E executives will be dragged across the carpet by board members and their parent companies, held by Disney, ABC and Hearst are facing the possibility of the backlash affecting their bottom dollar.

      Personally, I think they all deserve the problems they now face. They could have left the comments stand as the personal comments and the detractors would have been forgotten in a day. Instead, they allowed their politics to intrude, which now exposes them to the ire of a substantial part of the U.S. population.