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Monday, December 9, 2013

Emergency Medicine and What's To Come

My wife had a non-cancerous mass removed by a surgeon that specialized in emergency medicine. It was a fairly routine surgery and successful, although there was some nerve damage, which I didn't expect, but knew was a possibility. Numbness was one of the outcomes, which is always a possibility with the removal of fairly large masses.

Anyway, that wasn't what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about my perception of the doctor.

First, he was featured on one of those reality emergency department shows, so he's known by more than the locals. At that time, he was in the process of finishing his residency and the show ended with his optimism for the opportunity he was offered.

He finally ended up here, which I think is good. I like the doctor and I think I like his cut-and-dried optimism, without any sugar coating, the most. He's professional, direct with his statements and isn't going to try and blow smoke up the ass of his patients.

I foresee something in the near future, since he's way up in the food chain at a local hospital: I foresee an almost mind-numbing, daily sorting through tons of bullshit to offer the best care for those that need it.

Why? Obamacare threw many people into a new environment. Where they could afford health insurance, they now can't and can only enroll in Medicaid, if they can. At that point, they might not have any recourse, except to go to the emergency room for medical care and will find they've not landed in Kansas.

All hospitals won't accept the government plans and Medicaid, which will lead to overcrowding in those that do. A visit will be far from pleasant, since resources will be limited, many visitors will be frequent-flyers or trying to receive medical care for something far from being a threat to life. Long wait times are guaranteed and the ultimate fate of all patients will being treated by those that are either unable, not qualified or too incompetent to leave the facility for better opportunities, or working conditions. Apathy will run rampant and limited resources will lead to patients not receiving the necessary care.

What does this have to do with the doctor I described? I doubt he'll stay. He's damned good and will be in demand somewhere where he can get the pay he deserves. That will leave a vacuum of talent in the local hospital, which isn't good.

I know I'm speculating, but speculation is based on observation, and experience. I may be wrong about my prediction of the future, but the odds are in my favor. That sucks and I hate the fact there's little I can do to change the outcome.


  1. Jess,
    I suspect you are absolutely correct.

  2. My whacked out brother has already made 9 Obamacare appointments for January (he loves filing malpractice suits by the way). You are more right than you will ever know.