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Saturday, December 14, 2013

They Won't Come This Christmas

Yeah, I know. Christmas is a time of happiness. That's why I'm writing this post. Christmas will never be the same.

My mother passed last summer. It was time. Life took everything she had and there was nothing left. She won't share this Christmas and it's a sobering thought.

So, Christmas is coming, but it will never be the same for me. There's too much now missing and the memories are full of people that I'll never see again during this life.

I'm sad, although the sadness is full of happy memories: Christmases where the wonder of lit trees, smiling faces, the smells of wonderful food and the conversations full of joy and cheer. There were many and my memories are full of these wonderful occasions.

Christmas is coming, but it will be only one day. Make it special, keep those you love close, and place the wonderful day into your heart forever. You'll eventually find only memories remain for many and those memories are yours to create and treasure.


  1. It is really hard to adjust to holidays without those we hold dear. I tend to spend time wandering around in my past this time of year, remembering the gathering of the family - grandmas (grandpas left us too soon) and aunts and uncles and cousins - all together at one of the grandma's homes or at the old farmhouse where I spent my childhood. They are all gone now, but the memories remain as sharp as if it was just yesterday.
    I am making new memories with my children and grandchildren, and I hope that some day they will look back and wish for what once was.

  2. I can still see the days; filled with smiling faces, the smells of Christmas dinner and the feeling the entire world had taken a breath, paused and allowed peace to reign for one short day.

    I'm blessed with my life and Christmas is part of the blessing.

  3. Replies
    1. It's too easy to forget how special each Christmas can be. I've had some bad one, but the good ones were some of the best days of my life.

  4. Jess,
    My mother died in 1993. Nothing has been the same since. NOTHING! No matter how good Christmas is, it will never be my Christmas without her. The first one is the hardest.

    1. Christmas started feeling empty when my father passed away. It's like a piece of your heart is missing and you know it's gone forever.

  5. I've reached the point I'm one of the older relatives. We sit and watch as Christmas lights the fire of hope in children. It's a good thing and makes Christmas even more special.