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Friday, December 19, 2014

Don't Just Fire Him; Throw Him In a Cold Lake

The director of DHS forgot the Pledge of Allegiance. ; and admits it.

Fire him right now. Carry him to the nearest lake with cold water and throw him in. Such a metrosexual confession, with his position, should automatically disqualify him from having any part of national security.


  1. Before you throw him in that lake be sure to attach two buckets of concrete to his legs.


    1. That would be torture.
      Drone him first.

    2. I really find it hard to believe someone that is entrusted with his position can forget something as important thing as the Pledge of Allegiance. Then again, the current administration is full of people that forget their position was allowed by those willing to defend the greatest nation on Earth.

  2. Happened when he was in the Air Force.

    Did you know active duty military members don't say the pledge of allegiance?

    Oh sure, you can if you really want to. No one is going to stop you, but it's not something that's normally done. Sort of a redundancy thing I guess...

    1. We said the pledge every day, when I was in school. That, and they played "To the Color", while they raised the flag.