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Friday, December 12, 2014

Feinstein is a Pinhead

Sen Diane Feinstein released a report that was not for the general public. While she felt it was the right thing to do, it was her duty to not release what was classified. Still she did and the final result will probably not be good.

Personally, I consider her actions as those of a traitor. Occupying a Senate committee with access to classified materials placed her in a position where she, too, would be the subject of constant investigations. When she found out she was being covertly investigated, she allowed her anger at what she should have known would happen to override the oath she took as a member of the Senate intelligence committee, and used her authority to punish. Releasing classified information allows foreign enemies access to interrogation methods, can lead to retribution, and the ones that suffer will be those that were following orders, or those innocent of nothing but being United States soldiers or citizens.

Feinstein isn't alone with her actions. The Senate Intelligence committee members that voted to allow the release are culpable, also. All should be punished for their actions. They not only failed in performing their duties as committee members, they failed the United States and dishonored those that died defending the greatest nation on Earth.


  1. DiFi is still, in the end, at the end of the day, when all is said and done (add a few more cliches here....), she remains a liberal democrat.

    And liberal democrats do what they do: mess things up in their quixotic quest for utopia. Practical is not a word in a liberal democrat's vocab.

    I completely understand why DiFi did what she did. That's why we conservatives completely and utterly oppose the philosophy of liberals, and why liberals should never hold power, or at least not for very long, in our nation. They are foolish and dangerous, while believing in their core that they are doing the right thing to achieve utopia.

    They've got to be marginalized at every opportunity. This is what we get when they hold power - harmful, damaging foolishness genuinely passed off as righteousness.

    1. Marginalized is such a nicer word than eradicate. Considering the damage liberals have caused, a less polite society would have "marginalized" them a long time ago.

    2. Is margenalize a euphemism for tar and feather?
      Then let's margenalize.

    3. Jess: yes, in days gone by Ghengis Khan would marginalize folk he disagreed with, and they STAYED marginalized.

      Now that we're polite and all, we marginalize our opponents in a kinder, gentler way.

      Ah, I pine for the good ol' days.....

  2. Here's a lovely idea.... go to the facebook page of any politician that is really going above and beyond their Constitutionally allowed powers, etc.
    Express your condolences as sincerely as possible for their "recent diagnosis of *early onset dementia* or early onset Alzheimers*" with encouragement that you just know they will have several/many months of "good work for their constituents" left in them. What will this accomplish? Not much....except, ever play that game "Rumors"? Eventually, if enough people do it, the media will notice. Her constituents will notice. It will make things nominees are DiFi and Nancy *the queen* Pelosi...

    1. Nancy *the queen* Pelosi is from San Francisco. She could be dead and still remain in office.

    2. There would probably be some reaction to such a thing, if they actually read anything other than the praises allowed by those that filter their correspondence with the unwashed masses.