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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Peril of Lawlessness

Every larger community has a section where not only is crime prevalent, the unwillingness of the citizens to help stop the crime is also prevalent. What's the result? An unwillingness of law enforcement to make any efforts to keep it to the minimum. Regular patrols are limited, since it's not uncommon to have police cars struck with objects, or fired upon. Even when a crime demands attention, with the knowledge the neighborhood can erupt into riot conditions, due to the ignorance of the citizens, the officers are prevented from doing their job, only want to do what's necessary, and soon leave to the relative safety of anywhere else.

It's best described as anarchy. It's accepted, even though peace and security are never to be found. The most violent, and feared, criminals control the politics, which changes with a few murders. Anyone that doesn't participate is certainly a victim, since they're now prey.

Nothing will ever change this section of society. It's existed since the beginning of time and will continue as long as humans are a species. What does change is the size of this community and harsh reactions to any efforts to wander into sections of society unwilling to accept anarchy.

From my vantage point, this thug society is venturing too far from their home territory. They may think it's a good time to expand this territory, but they don't realize the huge effort to become armed by citizens wasn't to go target practicing. The thugs will become the targets, and the orderly system of criminal justice will vindicate those that insure their own safety.


  1. As any illness, the healthy body deteriorates as the destruction escalates. "Good" is weak and unable to spread or take over an unhealthy body.

    Living in a peaceful area, it was decided to "incorporate" a housing project across from us. At least we'll be guaranteed more visible police and dispatch will never have to ask us to repeat our address because they've never heard of our location.

    1. I feel for you. My solution to such projects involves large bulldozers and short periods of time.

  2. The world of thugs usually knows its boundaries. To spread to rural areas where an armed citizenry is the rule is not part of the business plan of the thug-ocracy.

    They know where their bread is buttered, as well as where they will become toast.