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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Race Relations and Media Hype

I'm betting the majority of the people in the U.S. have no problems with people of different races. If you go by the media, it's just the opposite; and the continuing portrayal of the supposed problem is causing harm.

What's the solution? Accurate reporting. If there is an actual incident of a racially motivated criminal act, report the incident; regardless of the race of the criminal. I think that would do more good than the one sided reporting we're now getting. Of all the people I know, regardless of their race, the sickening actions of a few of their race is not accepted. Most people are good, willing to work on real problems, and the media only increases problems by not doing their job of presenting all facts.


  1. Well said sir. Inaccurate reporting is what keeps the world afraid and at each others throats.

    1. My line of work is construction. Those that follow that career are hard working folks, and race is never considered when it comes to craftsmen.

    2. AC - if it was simply inaccurate, it could be corrected with additional facts later on. Unfortunately it is more a case of INTENTIONAL falsehoods and/r distortions being used to promote a specific agenda. Case in point: rams players KNOWINGLY perpetuating a lie (hands up) under the guise of 'freedom of speech'.

  2. But if they underplay, or just report, on recent activities, it would all die down and they'd have nothing to follow up on!

    There IS a difference between the races because you can see white people attending the demonstrations.

    But when the opposite happens: when a white is killed by a black, there is not even a mention of it. There's no way blacks would show up in support of whites no matter what the offense, and you can't get whites to go to the trouble or effort to even support members of their own race.

    1. The media was instrumental in developing this attitude. To make things worse, other efforts by the media portrays exceptional people with African ancestry as "Uncle Toms", or as shills for corrupt businesses, prevents healthy role models. That's unconscionable; young folks need good examples to emulate, yet they're only offered those willing to continue the racial division.

  3. Accurate reporting

    They are all bought and paid for. No hope for the MSM

  4. I suspect that to some extent you are correct, in that the news, particularly the local news, thrives on conflict. The guiding principle for many years has been that, "If it bleeds, it leads."

    That being said, given history, are we humans arguably inefficiently and ineffectively using our time and resources to discuss race relations?