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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Reality the Media Ignores

Much of the media is parading Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush as the contenders in the next Presidential election, while they ignore how neither represents the majority of the U.S. taxpayers and how both have political ideologies that cause concern.

A strong leader emerges during such times. The common promotion of this leader was once found on television and in the written press. That's not the situation any longer, and the strong undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the direction of the U.S. is reflected in the huge internet community. It's there the next leader will emerge and the media will either embrace the will of the majority of the nation, or find their slide into economic despair will accelerate.


  1. Let's hope this leader of yours emerges in the primaries, much like Nobody Obama did in 2007. If we have to endure a Jeb vs Hillary general election in 2016, clothespin sales will go through the roof as voters clamber to buy one to pin on their noses as they head into the booth.

    1. I hope for a leader that can cut through the B.S. and make people feel confident the decisions they make help the country.

      Reagan had that quality, and experience. I didn't like all he did, but the things he accomplished were much better than what occurred during the terms of the last five Presidents.

  2. Just briefly checked out your sites and I will revisit in depth a bit later. The reason I started blogging to to improve my hand at writing as well. Like you I have a compulsion to write.

    1. I'm glad you visited. Come back anytime...just leave a quarter on the back of the toilet. It helps with the water bill.