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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ignoring the Quiet Riot

The media is constantly bombarding us with videos of a few hundred people rioting in places where such things are more tolerated than most places in the country. They ignore the "quiet riot" by millions of taxpayers that protested the Federal Government by voting for what they hoped to be leaders for changes in the cesspool called Washington, the District of Columbia. They might want to pay more attention; if these taxpayers ever become really angry, they might not like the result.


  1. The news tonight showed a large, muscular thug walking into a store, picking up the showcase full of watches, and walking out. No threats came from him. No one yelled to stop. He just knew he could do it and he did. Isn't the pendulum supposed to go so far, yet no farther, before it swings back? I think the clock has been stolen.