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Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Never Too Late in a Street Fight

I'm seeing some signs of anger, a willingness to fight back, and a determination to win by some of those that felt a polite discourse was the best method.

I compare this to a street fight. In such things, the winner is the one that will bite off an ear, gouge an eye, or pound unmercifully on the genitals of their opponent. It's a brutal encounter, but the final outcome is only one winner, and you can still win if you're not on the ground and your opponent is breaking your ribs with sharp kicks.

Politics became a street fight years ago. It's time for the polite nature of gentle folks to end, unless they want to gasp for breath with broken ribs.


  1. The GOP has been playing by the Marquis of Queenbury rules for quite awhile now, while the Dems have been swinging boards with nails on the ends of them for even longer.

    It is indeed time for our side to take off the gloves with these viscous thugs who call themselves politicians.

    1. Most Democratic politicians can be defined as traitors or seditionists. While many are so ignorant, their real crime is stupidity, too many are making strong efforts to destroy the U.S., so they can try another attempt at a failing ideology responsible for the deaths of millions.

  2. I am a generally peaceful guy.
    I experience a visceral hatred when I see Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, on TV.
    They are enemies of the American Ideal.

    1. They've lied, cheated, ignored and destroyed to perpetuate an agenda that hopes to destroy liberty and replace it with a tyrannical government they control.

      They're as evil as they come and the world is worse due to their existence.

    2. Ditto your disdain for these rotten Democrats who have no integrity at all when it comes to pushing socialism. Back in the day, the noble opposition had integrity: Hubert Humphrey, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Harry Truman. All Dems, but not dishonorable people. Can't say that about the current crop of liars.