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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Can't Figure It Out

I haven't been posting much. Being busy is part of it; but not wanting to constantly complain about the lying, thieving, reprobate pieces of crap in Washington usually leads me away from posting.

Still, I examine my stats, which leaves me scratching my head. There is no pattern to what attracts visitors. I'm guessing this is normal for all bloggers.

So, this is a post about confusion, explanations, and insight. Use it well with your daily endeavors.


  1. After banging ones head against the Wall o' Stoopid for years, trying to wake up the apathetic assnuggets and the willfully retarded on the other side of it, it does get to be a bit depressing and gives one pause as to whether it's all really worth it. That, my friend, is exactly what the Leftardian wannabe-dictators are counting on--- the rest of us just getting fed up with it all and shutting down.

    But, what they fail to remember is, it's always quietest before the storm... Keep your powder dry and your ear to the wind--- that storm is coming.

    1. While many think blogging is disappearing, my feeling is that it's becoming more focused, educating those willing to learn all isn't what the media portrays, and a necessary part of liberty.

  2. I understand your not understanding the stats.
    I can't explain what drives views, except perhaps certain search terms.

    1. My search stats aren't enlightening. The actual posts visited leads to the most consternation.

  3. I was pleased to see that I am not the only one unable to figure out what drives traffic. Thanks for your post.