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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Soaking in the Morning

Sunday morning is usually without hectic moments, so I have time to sit on the back porch.

This morning was almost still. A mockingbird sang in the near distance; the trills, whistles, and calls, a solitary sound in the morning quiet; the singing continuing for long minutes.

The cool damp air slowly moved. There was no gusts, or calms; just a steady push from the south as the cooler air from the Gulf sought the warmer air on the land. As I raised my cup, the slow breeze wafted the scent of fresh coffee. I sipped and enjoyed the moment.

Off to the east, the dim, silver sky silhouetted the trees; black against the light. As the sky brightened, the silver turned to a dark, powder blue. An orange glow followed: slowly brightening; announcing the soon to rise sun.

The mockingbird stopped singing, but other birds were now greeting the morning. The calls of mourning doves were joined by sparrows, cardinals, sparrows, blue jays, and finally: the raucous whistles of grackles; shattering the morning quiet.

I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the show. Squirrels played in the oaks, doves flew to the still bare pecans, and a mated pair of cardinals landed nearby to pick for the seed I threw in the yard.

I contemplated a second cup of coffee - and breakfast. My thoughts turned to what would be good. Bacon, hash browns, and eggs over easy came to my thoughts. Determined, I finished my first cup of coffee, and moved do start my task.

Before I could rise to my task, the mockingbird landed on the fence. I watched it, and it watched me. Whether it was king, or queen of it's territory, it didn't appear the least bit afraid. We stared at each other for moment; me silently watching; the mockingbird poised to fly, if I moved too quickly.

The mockingbird, without a sound, soon flew away. I watched for a moment, hoping it would return; but it didn't. Rising, I took a deep breath, made one last look around, and started my day. I had much to do, and would have like to relish more of the fine morning. Maybe next week will allow another morning to watch what too many miss.


  1. Watching the new day begin, with its cool breezes and singing birds and scampering squirrels is better than any show that sells tickets.

  2. Thank you for inviting me on to your back porch.
    I really enjoyed the description.

  3. couldn't think of a better way to start the day... you are blessed