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Friday, March 13, 2015

My Logical Solution

Ferguson is a mess, but the simple solution involves only skunks, and a video camera:Turn a few hundred skunks loose in the crowd, and film the reaction on pay for view.

The money from the pay for view should be used to help the honest business folks in Ferguson, and to pay for the cleanup costs the city will accrue.

As far as the protesters, I think an enterprising person could set up a roadside tomato juice stand and make enough money to fund their children's college education.


  1. Actually, just one skunk might do the trick.

    I was camping with a few friends once and we were gathered around the campfire with a few adult beverages when a lone skunk came wandering through. I spotted him first and told everybody to stay calm. Don't panic and don't move! Everyone followed that advice. The skunk sniffed around a bit - he might have been hoping we would offer him a beer - but he soon lost interest and moved on. About 15 minutes later, suddenly, a few campsites over, panic and pandemonium ensued. I will leave you to picture what happens when that advice is *not* followed. (That campsite and several around it had to be abandoned.) Fortunately, it was far enough away from us that we were okay. Oh, and dogs and skunks don't mix well.

    1. One skunk would do, but a few hundred would guarantee panic.

  2. haha! Your vertical brain is uniquely gifted for just such twisted solutions. I cracked up at the visual of the skunk patrol "crop dusting" the fleeing protestors.

    1. My first thoughts were of tear gas, water cannons, and thousands of armed police officers. That would be fodder for the "cause".

      Skunks are the logical choice, since they're black, and white, generally harmless, and people respect them more than they respect their fellow humans.