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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rifts, Wedges, and Opportunity

A news report states Valerie Jarret leaked the information about Hillary Clinton's emails. This shows a huge rift in the Democratic Party, and the opportunity to drive wedges between members of the party.

In my view, this affords a small glimpse into the brutal character assassination efforts of the Democratic Party leadership. Not only are they willing to destroy their opponents, they're willing to destroy those that don't follow in lockstep with their current agenda.

Time will tell how this works out, but the opportunity to split the party, cause havoc, and remove a substantial amount of the their control is there for the taking.


  1. I'd like to say that I'm optimistic, but the "leaders" of the "opposition party" are either too weak or too closely tied with the Marxist/Socialist/Progressivist agenda to actually do anything constructive to bring the republic back from the brink of disaster.

  2. Wow. So why was Gowdy's house panel claiming they discovered it. Did Jarret tip them off?