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Monday, November 13, 2017

Cornbread Stuffing

I've had many different cornbread stuffings, but one is what I consider the standard for taste. Unfortunately, I'll never have it again, so only the memory remains.

My grandmother, would prepare a huge Thanksgiving feast with the help of my mother and cousins. There was turkey, ham, homemade mashed potatoes, home grown Kentucky Wonder green beans, sweet potato casserole, an assortment of deserts, and my grandmother's cornbread dressing.

I asked her how she prepared it one year. It was simple. She prepared her cornbread, onions, spices, and stuffed it in the huge turkey. As the turkey cooked, the juices saturated the dressing, and made a flavor only she could create. Her amount of sage was perfect.

I liked it best with the brown gravy made from the turkey drippings. I'd pick out the giblets, and place  a healthy spoonful on top of the dressing. I'd eat too much, but gladly return for more, when we enjoyed the food again at supper.

I miss that treat, and sometimes wonder if I'll ever enjoy the best dressing again. I'm thinking it will be my experimentation that will eventually yield a close second to my grandmother's dressing. I can only hope. The flavor is fantastic, and I miss it.


    I have used this recipe for thirty years. the corn bread is from scratch made the night before and left out. It's from Betty Crocker with only the corn bread modification.